Dolores Redondo

La trilogía del Baztán

The Baztán Trilogy by Dolores Redondo is finally reaching the readers! already.

The first volume, The Invisible Guardian, was published on January 15th 2013 simultaneously in the four official languages of Spain by the following publishers: Destino (Spanish), Columna (Catalan), Erein Argitaletxea (Basque) and Xerais (Galician). All through 2013 the novel will be being published in many other languages by renowned international publishers, like Feltrinelli (Italian), Éditions Stock (French), BasteiLübbe (German), De BezigeBij/Cargo (Dutch), Editora Récord (Brazilian Portuguese), Cappelen Damm (Norwegian), Blue Door/HarperCollins (World English), Marti Publishing Group (Turkish), Panteon (Czech), Czarna Owca (Polish), Ikar (Slovak), …

The following two titles of the trilogy will be Legado en los huesos (Legacy in the bones) and Ofrenda a la tormenta (Offering to the Storm).

Film adaptation rights of the Baztán Trilogy have been bought by NadCon Films, joint venture of Peter Nadermann - the German producer who acquired the film rights for Stieg Larsson´s MILLENIUM and for the first Swedish films and of Henning Mankell´s VALLANDER series for the BBC with Kenneth Branagh, among other successful international adaptations from books-, and Constantin Film, producers of Nowhere in Africa, Academy Awarded for Best Foreign Language Film in 2013).




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